We Had Tons Of Chemistry
There's a million voices screaming that this love's a dead end road. But the only voice that I hear is telling me go.
Maybe Jen went to get some stuff from Nick's house since he is in Asia. Best time to get back items from a break up is when the other person isn't there.



Boy, I can attest to this.

Any article that says nic is dating Riley is wrong, she has a boyfriend.



Okay, well, that doesn’t ne necessarily alter the possibility that they’ve split.

And before peeps jump all over me-I know there’s no official confirmation, and no, I’m not celebrating or wishing Jen’s unhappiness/sadness over the breakup or any of that crap I’ve seen floating around. The beautiful thought would be the idea of Joshifer together someday. That’s it.


Jennifer Lawrence was spotted in Oxford, England yesterday (July 28)

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30 days of Jennifer Fashion // Day 16: Favourite PRESS CONFERENCE outfit —> Catching Fire Press Conference

Which one is your favourite??



I Wish or Sirens









2 pairs of sunglasses, 2 drinks, 2 straws… I guess we’re all thinking the same thing now… And someone has to do it…



LOl !!!

Ey, he’s wearing grey - whos fave colour is grey? :D :P :D

I have no idea!! * insert sarcasm *…

Does any of that three girls could tell us more! So we could live in peace and happy hahahahaha! Joshiferforever

and who loves Yoga guys ;) tell u what i would make the  ” omg i can’t believe i’m being photographed by jennifer lawrence face ” the exact same way as those girls faces if u know what i mean lol hhahha sorry like it hurts nobody right ?!! just fun no need to be attacked ..

You know, my guess is that Nick broke up with her because she just can´t bear her behavior any longer. Let me explain, we all love Jenn, but her personality seems high maintenance, she is just too much, and so energetic and Nick seems so serious, someone like Josh can deal with it, but not everyone can/want. I think Jenn does and amazing job and just compensates that lack of "maturity" by being nice and lovely and getting shit done on set, and that's why us, her costars and directors love her :)





Yeah Josh gets it! And that is quite an interesting theory, anon. Unfortunately I can’t really give my two cents about NH, as I haven’t seen enough interviews and such to really pick up on his personality. But what I have seen is yes, he does appear to be quite serious, at least in formal situations. And the thing about Jennifer is she rarely has a serious side. She’ll be serious, but then mess something up/break her composure and start acting all goofy and hyper all over again haha.

Of course I can’t be like, “Oh yeah, Josh is definitely more fitting for her than NH because this, this, and this,” because I don’t personally know them all. Josh does seem very compatible for her however, as he can be just as goofy as Jen, but can calm her down when needed be. He certainly makes her laugh and messes with her during interviews, and then at the same time he can bring her back to attention whenever she checks him out too much zones out.

But yeah I’m not too sure what exactly happened between her and NH. Compatibility problems? Distance problems? Jealousy problems? These problems are only rumors? Only time will tell I think!


me: Apparently Nicholas dumped Jen.

dad: You told me two months ago.

me: No no no, they got back together after that and now they broke up again because she is “too in love with fame” for him or some kind of shit.



dad: Is this mess about XMen promotion?

me: god bless your beautiful soul

dad: Where the fuck is Josh





Jennifer Lawrence gets another Oscar

Ohh I’ve never seen this but this is so cute :’)



One more proof that Josh is Jen’s rock.

(My personal favorite from the LA press conference)

Oh gosh this is soooo cute :’) ♡